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Amanda McCracken combines her passion for athletics, communication, travel, and connecting with people in her writing. She blends her linguistic graduate studies and over 10 years of teaching international students with more than a decade of experience coaching runners and triathletes and 20 years of competing herself. She has been writing stories since she was 8 years old.

Her freelance writing has appeared in New York Times, Glamour, Cowboys and Indians, Running Times, Triathlete Magazine, Women's Running, among others.

Amanda is currently working on her book, Streaking on Sunday morning, a series of short essays that speak from the heart and mind of a single woman in her mid-30’s. Her introspective, honest and self-dissecting essays explore the reasoning behind her choice to remain a virgin, a Proustian look at what embodied memories mean for travel and romantic relationships, the freedom and shame that vulnerability elicits, the addiction to chasing “the story”, and the obstacles in escaping a self-imposed "single woman" identity.

In addition to freelance writing, Amanda is a full-time ESL instructor for undergraduate and graduate students.



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